Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to help men grow in relationship with Christ and one another as members of groups of men who meet regularly.

We will encourage, promote and support Catholic Men’s Groups.

We will provide ongoing support to men who lead Men’s Groups by helping them with resources available to us.

We will sponsor an annual conference to inspire men to grow in their relationship with Christ and one another, especially as a member of a men’s group.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.

     Our Vision

We are committed men, principally Catholic, who recognize our need for God's help.  We gather in Christ's presence in an atmosphere of trust, equality and confidentiality to share personal feelings and experiences.  We unconditionally accept each other and prayerfully support one another.

     Our Goals

The CMFNEO is an outreach to men. Its focus is to deepen and support their Catholic faith and identity, grow spirituality and strengthen families. The ministry tries to enrich the reality of “Church” over and above the experience of the Sunday liturgy. It also focuses on men who have lost the yearning for the Catholic faith and are minimally or not active in the Church. The program encourages expanded religious education for men, growth of faith and learning to evangelize.

        Our Ways

Catholic Men’s Fellowship uses two tools to achieve its goals, a large annual Conference and parish level Men’s Faith, Sharing and Fellowship groups in the parish.