President’s Message

Message from Bill Prebel, President of CMFNEO

Our goal as Catholic men is to develop and promote Catholic Christian Culture wherever and however we can. What I mean by Catholic Christian Culture is help to create an atmosphere and environment where Catholic faith can flourish and bear fruit.

There are three basic goals we should strive for in bringing about a Catholic Christian Culture. These are a commitment to personal holiness, to strive for perfection in our vocation and state in life and to perform apostolic outreaches.

First, personal holiness requires that we be men of prayer, use the sacraments frequently especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist, have a strong devotional life {say the Rosary or other prayers] and study the Catechism or other teachings of the church. We need to be faithful to meeting with men in a regular way. There are no shortcuts to holiness. Scripture is very clear on how Jesus sought to be one with the Father.

Secondly, we need to strive for perfection in our vocation or state in life the Lord has called us to. This means we need to be excellent husbands, fathers, religious or single men. We need to excel in whatever profession or work the Lord has for us. In today’s world this will demand a special level of honesty, integrity and strength.

Thirdly, we need to be men who are rooted in evangelism and apostolic outreach. The Lord calls us to spread the Gospel. This can take many forms. It can be as simple as sharing the word of our testimony with a fellow passenger on a plane or taking a friend to lunch. We can volunteer as a catechists at our parish or be involved in RCIA. Jesus is very clear in the scriptures. We need to bring others to know him.

In order to help us reach these goals Catholic Men’s Fellowship of Northeast Ohio has developed seven Ideals of Catholic Men’s Fellowship. They are:

1. Develop a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Follow the teachings of the Catholic Church.
3. Spend time in private prayer and scripture reading each day.
4. Strengthen my commitments to my family in Christ.
5. Pursue spiritual growth and brotherhood with other men.
6. be courageous in living my Catholic faith and evangelizing others.
7. Pray for and assist our clergy.

It is important that we develop a Catholic Christian Culture as we go about our responsibilities as Catholic men not only for ourselves and our loved ones but for the future of the church. We can trust that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will bring this work to fruition as we abandon ourselves to his will.